A deep dialogue and interaction between different specialized fields

About Transdisciplinarity

Important and pivotal problem need to thinking and induction in different point.
By a large number of operation to communicating and comparing until figuring out a suitable answer.

Importance of Transdisciplinarity

Different academic fields like the different ingredient of coffee.
By combining them together can get a mellow coffee.

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Visiting Students











Personal Profile
Name Karnam Chiranjeevi
School National Ilan University(2018.02-2018.05)
Advisor Prof.Chin-Tsan Wang
Grade TEEP@india Program
Research Topic Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell(PEMFC) to optimise the design of flow slab to enhance its performance.


Personal Profile
Name Ashwin Thejus Justin
School National Ilan University(2018.02-2018.07)
Advisor Prof.Chin-Tsan Wang
Grade TEEP-India Intern Student
Research Topic Different electrode materials to enhance the performance of honey comb microbial fuel cells (HC-MFCs)





Personal Profile
Name Kishan Kumar Singh
School National Ilan University(2018.05-2018.07)
Advisor Prof.Chin-Tsan Wang
Grade Visiting student
Research Topic Numerical modelling of microbial fuel cells