A deep dialogue and interaction between different specialized fields

About Transdisciplinarity

Important and pivotal problem need to thinking and induction in different point.
By a large number of operation to communicating and comparing until figuring out a suitable answer.

Importance of Transdisciplinarity

Different academic fields like the different ingredient of coffee.
By combining them together can get a mellow coffee.

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PhD Students


Personal Profile
Name Yan-Ming Chen
School National Taipei University of Technology  (2018.09)
Advisor Prof. Yung-Chin Yang & Prof. Chin-Tsan Wang
Grade PhD student
Research Topic
Effect of Hydrodynamics Flow Field on Acclimation of Circulating Microbial Fuel Cell

Effect of Boundary Layer Thickness on the Power Performance of MFC

Effect of Obstacle Placement near the Anode Electrode on the Performance of MFC




Personal Profile
Name Lan Tzu-Hsuan
School National Taipei University of Technology
Advisor Prof. Yung-Chin Yang & Prof. Chin-Tsan Wang
Grade 4nd in University
Research Topic Numerical simulation of electrical effect in microbial fuel cell
Different of electron transfer mechanism influence in the batch type of microbial fuel cell
Physical modeling of nanowire electron transfer in batch type dual-chamber Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs)
Mathematical model for estimation of nanowire conductive transfer by computational intelligence in batch type microbial fuel cells



Personal Profile
Name Jung-Chen Wu
School National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Advisor Prof. Chin-Tsan Wang &

Prof. Chen-Hao Wang


Grade 4th in University of Ph.D
Research Topic Applications hybrid type catalyst (catalyst + enzyme) in order to development of electrical and degradation performance on microbial fuel cells.


Degradation of organic wastewater used by Non-precious metal catalyst to modify the electrode in microbial fuel cells.


Catalyst combined with bio – electro – Fenton System in microbial fuel cells to degrade of organic wastewater and produce electricity at the same time.