A deep dialogue and interaction between different specialized fields

About Transdisciplinarity

Important and pivotal problem need to thinking and induction in different point.
By a large number of operation to communicating and comparing until figuring out a suitable answer.

Importance of Transdisciplinarity

Different academic fields like the different ingredient of coffee.
By combining them together can get a mellow coffee.

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讀書會公告Announcement of reading club


 To the Member for attending the reading club:

The following is a record of the reading club for everyone to reference.

Thank you, and have a nice day.





地點:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




Image records

2018.11.07 Reading Club
2018.10.03 Reading ClubLink
2018.09.05 Reading ClubLink
2018.07.24 Reading ClubLink
2018.04.11 Reading ClubLink
2018.03.07 Reading ClubLink