A deep dialogue and interaction between different specialized fields

About Transdisciplinarity

Important and pivotal problem need to thinking and induction in different point.
By a large number of operation to communicating and comparing until figuring out a suitable answer.

Importance of Transdisciplinarity

Different academic fields like the different ingredient of coffee.
By combining them together can get a mellow coffee.

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指導教授 Advisor

Self-change is called reborn,changed by people is called Eliminateby:Nokia
Personal Profile
Name 王金燦 / Chin-Tsan Wang
School Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, National I Lan University. Taiwan
Job Title Director of CII/Distinguished Professor
TEL +886-3-935-7400 ext 7459
Research Topic Microbial fuel cells
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell flow slab design
Micro-mixer design


Educational background: 

特聘教授Distinguished Professor(2011.8~nowadays)
國立成功大學航空太空博士National Cheng Kung University-Phd degree:2000.6()
國立成功大學航空太空碩士National Cheng Kung University-master degree:1996.6()
國立成功大學航空太空學士National Cheng Kung University-Bachelor degree:1994.6()



Experimental group of application and development of bioenergy mechatronic ecosystem: led by Prof. Chin Tsan Wang, CEO of CII


I、Integrate the “Advanced Green Materials Development Experimental Group”, “Green Biochemical Catalysis Technology Experimental Group” and “Bioenergy Electromechanical Ecosystem Application and Development Experimental Group” development technology.

II、Development of a highly degradable bioenergy application and simulation analysis system

III、Development of high-performance miniature biological energy system sensors