A deep dialogue and interaction between different specialized fields

About Transdisciplinarity

Important and pivotal problem need to thinking and induction in different point.
By a large number of operation to communicating and comparing until figuring out a suitable answer.

Importance of Transdisciplinarity

Different academic fields like the different ingredient of coffee.
By combining them together can get a mellow coffee.

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中心將建立跨領域綠技術實驗室資源整合,分為(1)『生物能機電生態系統應用與開發實驗群』(2)『先進綠色材料開發實驗群』 (3)『綠色生物化學催化技術實驗群』:

The center will establish the integration of cross-domain green technology laboratory resources into(1) Experimental group of bioenergy mechatronic ecosystem application and development (2) Advanced green material development experimental group (3) Green biochemical catalytic technology experimental group:



(1).Experimental group of application and development of bioenergy mechatronic ecosystem: led by Prof. Chin Tsan Wang, CEO of CII



I、Integrate the “Advanced Green Materials Development Experimental Group”, “Green Biochemical Catalysis Technology Experimental Group” and “Bioenergy Electromechanical Ecosystem Application and Development Experimental Group” development technology.


II、Development of a highly degradable bioenergy application and simulation analysis system


III、Development of high-performance miniature biological energy system sensors



(2). Advanced green material development experimental group: led by CEO of CII, Prof. Yung-Chin Yang, Taipei University of Science and Technology.


I、Develop high-resistance plate materials


II、Development of Biofunctional Plate Materials


III、Develop high-conductivity plate materials



(3). Green Biochemical Catalysis Technology Experimental Group: Directed by CEO of CII, Prof. Chen-Hao, Wang, Taiwan University of Science and Technology.


I、Develop high catalytic catalysts


II、Develop long-acting catalysts


III、Developed a functional catalyst for MFC (microbial fuel cell)



Long goals:

Through cross-domain integration covering cross-cutting technologies in machinery, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, materials, micro/electromechanical nanosystems, electronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, combining the expertise and technology unique to researchers in different fields, with individual laboratories Equipment and venues have developed into a new and distinctive research group. In order to further cooperate with the international community, the Center also welcomes experts and scholars from all fields to join in the effort to work for the center.


有興趣的學者可以透過 與執行長王金燦教授聯絡合作事宜。

Scholars who are interested in our center can contact Prof. Chin Tsan Wang through the email: for cooperation.